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October 01, 2004

Here's the cast! Now broken down into convenient catagories. FAMILY AND SUCH -
Mommy - My mommy rules. She's the kind of person that people remember, even if they only met her for 5 minutes. She always takes an interest in everything people have to say, and she rocks your balls off.

Dad - He's hardcore. Can be a bit scary. I worked for him for a while and yeah, I'm really just a bit spoiled. I also got my gambling gene from him. We share a love for dogs, as well.

Brother - I didn't really know what he was all about until I hung out with him all the time when I lived in Austin, but now I know he rules. We have a really good relationship. He's also as gay as Christmas.

Stepdad - My mom's been married to him for about 5 years. He's a professor and really quite unusual, but he is really quite fantabulous. Gives good massages and occasionally reads Tarot cards.

Donna and almost future step-brother - My dad was engaged. And then... not so much. I really liked Donna and her little son, but predictably, we don't talk that much anymore. Kinda sad, really.

Ali-Kat - My bestest. We met when we were 12 years old, in orchestra. We were born a whole day apart. We've had our teenage drama and our years of not speaking, but now everyone's happy and good times.

Former Roommate - I found her on when I moved back from Austin. We pretty much lived in harmony, along with her doggy P.D., for a year and a half. Then she got her own house. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

Scott - I don't talk about him much anymore, but he used to be one of my best friends. We'd do perverse things together, like strip clubs and porn stores, but never actually did anything perverse with each other.

Natalie - My one true friend from all 4 and a half years of college. A lovely Christian girl.

My Girls - My church friends back in Austin. If I didn't have them when I lived there, there's no telling what would have happened.

BOYS- Josh - My boyfriend at this present time. Our first go-around was when I was 17. We lost our virginity to each other, other stuff happened and things got ugly. We broke up. 9 years he finds me on myspace, and well, here we are. We've both changed, but our crazy passion for each other hasn't. We are in luvvvv!

Matt - The person I have spent my majority of entries talking about. Long story short: We were together a really long time, and now we aren't. That's about as basic as it gets.

Matt Two - Well, the best I can say about him is that it was good while it lasted, which was about a month. He's also pretty much the best kisser ever, but his unusual style of being a complete liar ALMOST cancels that out.

Eric - A guy I met in my continuing education writing class. I fell pretty hard for the whole unbelievable poet/dragon tattoo/earring/massage therapist combo. We went on one date, he never called again, stopped coming to class, and there you go. Also quite a drinker.

Mike - The first person I dated after Matt. I fucked this one up beyond belief, but not without a little help from him.

Church Boy - A boy at church (obviously) that I liked for a really, really long time until it occured to me that not only did he not return the feeling, but he was also kind of a butthead in a nice kind of way.

Ryan - An ex-boyfriend that I used to have a fascination with until I figured out that he's really nothing special. Plus, he's losing his hair and that's not attractive.

Farm Guy - I talk about him from time to time. He's the caretaker of my dad's farm and I used to have quite a crush on him. I still think he's the bee's knees, but I'm okay now.


Austin - I lived there for a year, as profiled here. I loved it, but it was too intense. It's my soulmate that I can't really have.

The Farm - My dad's farm in East Texas. I go there a couple of times a month to see my doggies, as there are many.

Stella - My Nissan Maxima. Oh, how I love my little Stella.

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